Greenery – an endless source of joy. My feeling for green is greater than my ability, unfortunately. I like cut fresh flowers, flowering plants, etc. Not that I regularly fill my home but more as an eye-catcher when it suits. It inspires a sense of luxury, although it’s a simple & straightforward things to enjoy in the everyday life. Now, one need not be limited to flowers at home. Greenery is everywhere around us, whether it’s gardens, parks or forests. Moreover there is a huge range of stylish garden stuff & accessories, that attracts whether you’re interested or not. I mean, if you wish to create a feeling without having to work in the soil such as digging, moving around, cutting & pruning – well then different pots, tools, wooden boxes, a wheelbarrow & other fitting items can do the trick.

It’s good to make use of the nice weather & take the opportunity or time to actually see all the nice things around. If nothing else, it can inspire to a visit to the garden store, which could brighten the day. Me – I’m just inspired by the wonderful weather, my very little green garden on the back & the cup of coffe in the morning, before it gets too hot. Greenery, that’s my thing right now 🙂


Irresistible / homegarden via Pinterest

Simple wooden boxes for all sorts of storage /

livethemma vaxthus

Mini greenhouse – in white / livethemma


A dream place in peace / boligpluss


Nice glass jars in various sizes / 79ideas


Create your own garden feeling with simple means / enmammasdag

Rustic, beautiful & appealing /


Simple – three chairs in a corner / stockholmvitt


Art / vanilla via tumblr


flower shop on display / trendenser


/ plaza


/ sweetpaulmagazine




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  1. You are very welcome


  2. Big thanks for your encouragement 🙂


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