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In the woods

Cabin, deep in the woods, in a lovely nature, everything rustic, with big glass doors & a charming paved walkway – plus the mandatory rocking chair outside. What else can you wish for…

return.t.nature via fancy.com


Take care / Marie

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Rocking chair

Saw similar rocking chairs on a veranda I passed by, that looked so good together with the outdoor area & style of house.


Take care / Marie

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Simple design

Living Room with simple design & space despite the small place. Cushions in dark colors and thick material with furniture that is easy to move around. Good enough for me!


Take care / Marie

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Nice furniture in a nice environment around the grill – not a bad idea with a rocking chair instead of traditional outdoor furniture.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, rocking chair

A piece of furniture that is almost gone out of style – is precisely the rocking chair. An all too common furniture in the homes in the seventies. Since then it has almost completely disappeared with a few attempts to return. This beauty is an updated modern version in gorgeous design, which should absolutely be able to survive.


Take care / Marie

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