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The house, the location, the environment, and the architecture, what can I say. It’s so beautiful with black painted houses, big open glass windows that lets in light & takes advantage of the nature outside. Beautiful & tranquil.



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A deliciously simple furnishings home that inspires and is easy to absorb. Very appealing with this tranquil decor.


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Rattan, white & a pleasant gray wall color with matching accents. Inspirational & tranquil environment.



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Daily inspiration, golden yellow

It’s a lovely image as a whole with the house, the architecture, the sunny weather, the prepared dining table outdoors & tranquil & relaxing environment. So of course I am inspired but I actually fell for the colour on the facade, in the first hand. So soft & pleasant in the tone including the details with window shutters, the round window & greenery around. But regardless of all this, it’s the golden yellow colour that stands out.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, bench

It’s the small subtle things in life that create that little extra & puts a smile on your face.

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Take care Marie

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