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Pale pink

I am not a person who uses a lot of colour but appreciate colour joy in others. However, I have periods, but not very protruding colours, which creates a need for a clothing accessory or little change through textiles at home. Right now, I appreciate pale pink shades & when that feeling arises, I see that colour everywhere, of course. That pink shade I’m talking about, is really nice together with white or black. Nice also to gray – of course a lot of other colors – but that’s what I prefer right now.
The last photos of clothing is maybe more what I’m after.

pinterest.com pinterest.com







mlodazonka.pl mlodazonka.pl / mini cake with almonds & lavender








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Daily inspiration, pattern delight

French tiles in terms of pattern delight in soft colours. It’s inspiring to say the least. I am too predictable & ordinary, to choose a floor as this. But I appreciate the design & the joy this brings to the everyday life.


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Daily inspiration, flag pole

Isn’t it lovely, isn’t it beautiful – a flagpole with swaying delightful fabrics in soft colours & sunlight flowing through – very appealing, absolutely, And oh, so simple though.


/ tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Here’s somewhat mixed caramel colours that feels relatively current considering the spring warmth & the various shades that’s slowly emerging. Some of the images are a little paler pastels while others have more color in them. It’s a bit like the colors during the day depending on the sun’s strength & how the light falls. Or as the new Iphone 5 C, colours that looks like ice cream, to the point that you almost want to taste them.

These is colors that feels right at the moment, they fall to the taste, so to speak.

chic-deco.blogspot.com.auSweets in white flat box / chic-deco.blogspot.com.au

bhg.comPantry styling / bhg.com

ohjoy.blogs.comNice styling above the kitchen counter / ohjoy.blogs.com

schoener-wohnen-farbe.comSoft candy colors / schoener-wohnen-farbe.com

thedesignfiles.netNicely combined soft colours / thedesignfiles.net

garnethill.comBunk bed with nice beddings  / garnethill.com

jotun.noPastels matching the sea / jotun.no

Google.comGeometric style / google.com

myidealhome.tumblr.comPerfect place for collections / myidealhome.tumblr.com

( johanna.flyckt@hotmail.com ).Stylist Johanna Flyckt Nice little corner / hannaflyckt

flickr.com Exciting mix of patterns / flickr.com

frenchbydesign.blogspot.comSimply styling / frenchbydesign.blogspot.com

fancy.comInside & outside in similar style / fancy.com

decopeques.com.jpgFor the dearest ones / decopeques.com

coronado via fMatching bracelets / coronado via fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kids room

I can imagine that children would feel comfortable in this room. Floor space for games, sloping roof creating nooks, roof window with natural light, built-in bed in the corner with a small private room within a room & soft soothing colours. Nice that the ceiling is in untreated wood. The room has high cosiness factor. Nice place overall for children to live in. (I might have wished for more comfortable seating, large thick rugs & some cushions on the floor).


/ Homelife.com.au

Take care / Marie

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