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Pale pink

I am not a person who uses a lot of colour but appreciate colour joy in others. However, I have periods, but not very protruding colours, which creates a need for a clothing accessory or little change through textiles at home. Right now, I appreciate pale pink shades & when that feeling arises, I see that colour everywhere, of course. That pink shade I’m talking about, is really nice together with white or black. Nice also to gray – of course a lot of other colors – but that’s what I prefer right now.
The last photos of clothing is maybe more what I’m after.

pinterest.com pinterest.com







mlodazonka.pl mlodazonka.pl / mini cake with almonds & lavender








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Daily inspiration, duvet covers

Checkered duvet covers is a favourite in our home. Perfect in the bedroom & it doesn’t matter if it’s the guys’ room or in our bedroom. Small or in larger squares or a mix of both & preferably in base colours.

desiretoinspire desiretoinspire

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white

You might have seen this image before. White & incredibly beautiful – nothing that interferes, such as colours, tall furniture or storage along walls or otherwise. White yet with warmth & comfort – through household gadgets & grey sheepskins. If anything, a rug under the furniture, would be a plus.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, clever solution

There are always a need of clever solutions in some areas in the home that have to be customised, when furnishing a room. Crooked, narrow, limited space – or, as here, a sloping roof. Then it is gratifying that someone has already thought of & created a solution – not only clever but also simple, as stylish.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cushions

Cushions, always a current topic, for my part. Cushions often catch my interest, depending on shape, colour & pattern but also the mix of pillows – like in this picture. Who would have thought that brown & grey could look so good together. It’s simple yet attractive.

aratorp Aratorp

Take care / Marie

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