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Daily inspiration, menagerie

Isn’t it nice to arrange some toys together with books & other loved stuff on a shelf in the kids room. To gather a menagerie, in this case bookends, together with current favourites – that are easy to change when the kids falls in love with other things, which happens constantly.


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Take care / Marie

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Small houses

Houses, rooftops & one dimensional forms of houses, a bit old-fashioned in the shape, the type in the way that you draw when you are a child – it has always had an enticement for me. I don’t know what it is that makes them so cute. Older cottages generally look like that. Especially in fairy tales, if you didn’t happen to be a princess living in a castle. Small houses, something I’m fond of!

lundia.fiSimple with paint / lundia.fi

studiothreetwofive.wordpress.comHouse bookshelves / studiothreetwofive.wordpress.com

homedecorobsession.tumblr.comCardboard – clever recycling / homedecorobsession.tumblr.com

lovelylife The traditional doll house / lovelylife

3.bp.blogspot.comIllustration / 3.bp.blogspot.com

decopeques.comNice solution / decopeques.com

 A2&A2designersABFor beautiful things / A2&A2designersAB

mommo-design.blogspot.comFor little princes and princesses / mommo-design.blogspot.com

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google.nlNatural material / google.nl

bloomingvilleSmall houses for storage / bloomingville

Take care / Marie

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