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I spent a half day in a flower shop the other day. Not so much for the flowers, to be honest but the more for the owner & all her stories about different flowers. There’s all types of individuals, which I always find exciting & interesting to listen to as well as ponder about.¬†People, in general is an interesting phenomenon – imagine all different individuals with different opinions & viewpoints.¬†It turned out that this lady’s view of plants, resembled my way¬†– only that it is people instead.

Every plant behaves different to another. SO when she talked about a certain flower, or plant, I actually saw a person in front of me. This was especially between rose varieties. From the simple & humble to the real divas & everything in between. You could say that we found each other through a common view despite different interests. Life can be that simple at times.


Colour combined with white / Kim Timmerman


Colour with white again but more pale / 79ideas

suziebeezie.tumblrFlowers with stripes & squares / suziebeezie.tumblr.com


Old-fashioned rose pattern / llebeatelier.tumblr.com


Striking / pinterest.com


Cute / ideasandinspiration.tumblr.com


Stylish / google.com


Summer feeling / fancy.com


Romantic / theinfamous


I seem to have a fondness for white & floral / happydayout.tumblr.com


Modern cottage style / sanna&sania


Timeless / keltainen


Matching accessories / obaz.com


Detail that makes a difference / husligheter


Textile styling / 79ideas

Take care / Marie

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Sweet to a point / 153

Hej dear friends,

I had in mind to blog about autumn after my nice breakfast in the sun with all the beautiful colours around me…it almost looks like the trees are burning…with the diversity of brown-red, yellow & the burned tones, especially when rays of the sun gleams through. But¬†when¬†I finished¬†it became more¬†rosy¬†than I¬†had imagined,¬†for some reason. Never mind, it works anyway. It might sound odd to you but I’m not particularly fond of flowers¬†or¬†plants for¬†that¬†matter.¬†I appreciate the¬†beauty¬†but¬†have no interest in¬†engaging in¬†it.¬†At¬†most,¬†it’s¬†enough¬†to¬†arrange¬†fresh¬†flowers in¬†a¬†vase.¬†We don’t even have pot¬†plants at home, believe it or not.¬†However,¬†the garden is flowing over by plants, seedlings, shrubs & trees, thanks to our landlord which we rent the house of. There’s even a small vegetable garden. Nice indeed:)

Flowers are not the biggest part of my field of interest, as I said, but enjoyable¬†when it’s picked together in an appealing manner,¬†whether it be¬†in interiors¬†or as¬†bouquets,¬†by all means. I made a bargain, a while back on the flea market, a floral one.¬†A padded quilt that was striped on one¬†side & with small-patterned¬†roses on the other side.¬†Really nice!¬†But when it’s in use, it’s the striped side that’s visible… with the roses on the back which can only be sensed.

A painting or for real Рcan you tell? / Purebeachboho

Nice combo with flowers & stripes / Inspiringhome

Almost three-dimensional feeling with roses that are stitched to the fabric / Moltex

Always dramatic with a black surface / Coolchicstyle

Rather common but still sweet / Cafenohut

Stylish with a bit bigger size on the flowers / Desiretoinspire

Collection with mixed patterns / IKEA

Cupcake design / Pinterest

Typical cottage style – perfect for a break on the porch / Cafenohut

Reminiscent of the 50s & the 60’s¬†/ 79ideas

Create an impact with wallpaper inside the cabinet / Cafenohut

Various¬†designs,¬†sizes¬†&¬†colors of¬†the roses¬†–¬†striking /¬†Desiretoinspire

Knitted underwear would perhaps be an idea / Tornaud via Pinterest

Can never get enough of these quilts / Olsson&jenssen

Nice styling / Nestprettything

Take care / Marie

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