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Blazer, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say jacket, but anyway, a favorite of mine to anything in the wardrobe, whether it be jeans, skirts, shorts or chinos. Fits everything and of course in layers, as it is so stylish.

With a slightly strict cut for a more feminine look.




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Blouse with classic overlap – very flattering & feminine stile that looks good with jeans for everyday wear or for a bit more “dressed” occasions.

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Take care / Marie

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A captivating image that reminiscent of the early fashions when it was usual with a feminine look with tight cut, quality materials, handcrafted tailoring and simple timeless garments. With this great modern handbag in dark green & black – the contrast becomes really tempting.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, grey scales

Grey scales in a bit rough material, layer upon layer, yet easily composed – loose & casual style with masculine feel but feminine effect. I like!



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, romantic

A modern romantic setting in a light, fresh look with pale pastels – I like the sweet wallpaper with the low storage space under. The subtle tones of pink, combined with lots of wood & white – including the floor – is appealing & very feminine.

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Take care / Marie

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