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Knitwear (turtleneck)

I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m very fond of turtleneck / polo shirts. I came across two knitted ones in beige – one is straight with slightly narrow silhouette in cream and the other one, a little straighter in shape and goes more towards sand-colour. This was a while ago & they are stylish and rather perfect in the current weather.

I’ve added one more lately to my “collection”, in black with a neck that’s a little wider, but longer so that it can be rolled a number of times. Looks good with a shirt with a collar under. Believe me!












Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, timeless

Some people has a look & appearance that seems to fit in any situation or time. It can be from hair style, type of clothing or just the face. They never go out of style & you could fit them in which decade you’d like. A classic appearance, simply! My sons has both similar haircuts. They are right now very much, into the preppy-style. It’s the usual jeans or chinos with polo shirts or shirts & thin knitted sweaters with v-neck or round neck. (there’s not much change to this style, when it comes down to it, really). If this photo had been in color instead of black & white, you’d not noticed the difference from then to now. That is, if it had not been James Dean. It could have been any photo, in any magazine today. As I see it, at least.

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Take care / Marie

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