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Colour scheme

Hugely inspiring colour scheme alternatively incredibly boring or colourless – depending on the viewer. But that’s about how it looks in my wardrobe for the occasion.


Take care / Marie

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Knitwear (turtleneck)

I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m very fond of turtleneck / polo shirts. I came across two knitted ones in beige – one is straight with slightly narrow silhouette in cream and the other one, a little straighter in shape and goes more towards sand-colour. This was a while ago & they are stylish and rather perfect in the current weather.

I’ve added one more lately to my “collection”, in black with a neck that’s a little wider, but longer so that it can be rolled a number of times. Looks good with a shirt with a collar under. Believe me!












Take care / Marie

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Knitted warmth

I like the layering principle & that is something we use, some evenings. It works wonderfully during the day but it is cozy with a sweater at night too. Now there are those in all sorts of colours, but not in this case – when I get to decide. Sorry guys, it is the ordinary woman we are talking about. So here you are – basic colours in beige, black, white, grey & a tiny bit of colour.

theyallhateus.comtheyallhateus.com / XL polo collar, sleeves and size generally

stackdealz.comstackdealz.com / just my colours

pinterest.com:bhfloverpinterest.com:bhflover / grey fine knitted in soft material

fashionbabe.comfashionbabe.com / black & shiny

misantropoide.tumblr.commisantropoide.tumblr.com / close-up

fancy.com:Kim_Marshfancy.com:Kim_Marsh / classical, contemporary & timeless in one go

fancy.com:emma9393fancy.com:emma9393 / combined knitting in flat & grooved

tumblr.comtumblr.com / sparsely knitted in a longer model

fancy.comfancy.com / great combination

blueberrymodern.tumblr.comblueberrymodern.tumblr.com / a beautiful close-up

zara.comzara.com / cable-stitch-sweater in white

spejlvendt.tumblr.comspejlvendt.tumblr.com / low-necked grey melange

notetosarah.tumblr.comnotetosarah.tumblr.com / casual detail

pinterest.com:miimoa:pinterest.com:miimoa / oversized turtleneck

bubbelsoda.tumblr.com:bubbelsoda.tumblr.com / White & fluffy with rolled up sleeves

Take care / Marie

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