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Bedside tables

I am fond of small tables of various kinds. They are so easy to use for different needs & functions. Also easy to move around where it fits the moment. It’s not necessary to use bedside table if you’re looking to solve that need. There are plenty of other variations & solutions that work very well for that purpose. I’m just saying. Everything from stools to shelves, small desks to smaller bookshelves or just stacks of books. To me it’s like eye candy to look around in different stores – it’s great with small well-designed nightstand in fine materials, clever uses or just a fun detail that stands out.

housetohome Multi-storey table in white / housetohome

lindsaycharlotteColourful, stylish yet simple / lindsaycharlotte

addsimplicity With drawer & under shelf / addsimplicity

hallingstadJust a simple chair / hallingstad

livethemmaEnergising colour & design / livethemma

livethemma Stylish design that promises timelessness / livethemma

thedesignchaserSimple & practical / thedesignchaser

myidealhome via tumblrCustom bookshelf beside / myidealhome via tumblr

bemzSmall stool with wall mounted magazine rack / bemz.com

cushandnooks Shelf on the side / cushandnooks

dustjacketatticAn refreshing small round table / dustjacketattic

pinterest.comA mix of furniture for more personality / pinterest.com

remodelistaFlexible in need of more space / / bungalowclassic.tumblr.com

apartmentdiet.tumblr.comCupboard with doors & countertop/ apartmentdiet.tumblr.com

pinterest.comWork desk, model bigger / pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Bed textiles

Bed textiles could be compared to clothes – that an outfit is not complete until you add the accessories.  A bedroom with furniture works functionally but what creates the overall impression, which gives the room personality, style, atmosphere is after all,  textiles – colour, comfort, softness. Thus, bed textiles, curtains, carpets, cushions, bedspreads, blankets, etc. 

I know that I am generalising because we all have our views on what makes a home. But textiles is not about abundance. It’s more a nurturing invitation. Whether simple or more towards bohemian influence – it’s easy to customise bed textiles after each individual’s needs.

smh.com.auColourful & maximised / smh.com.au

kidsstuffworld.comWhite with colour / kidsstuffworld.com

planet-deco.frSimple Scandinavian design / planet-deco.fr

luvocracy.comGraphical  / luvocracy.com

crushculdesac.tumblr.comOriental bohemian style / crushculdesac.tumblr.com

countrystyle Lots of colour / countrystyle

bemz.seLight & cool / bemz.se

emmas_designbloggWhite with dark details / emmas_designblogg

livethemmaWhite & red / Livethemma.se

freedom.com.auNavy inspired / freedom.com.au

themarionhousebook.comPersonal mixed / themarionhousebook.com

cabinandcottage.blogspot.comWhite bed linen / cabinandcottage.blogspot.com

thedesignfiles.netAsian motif / thedesignfiles.net

79ideas White & grey /79ideas

nicety.livejournal.comPastel colours / nicety.livejournal.com

Take care / Marie

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I wouldn’t have a bed without a headboard, odd as it may sound. It doesn’t look complete in the room, as if it’s yet to be finished. I am not talking about big oversized headboards, the more discrete & almost invisible. It’s more about the feeling as well as comfort. To be able to lean back when reading, are online or talking on the phone.

There are lots of different models of course, but still it’s hard to find just the style that fits. It often happens when you’ve already decided what you want or are looking for, without really being able to put into words how it looks like. Patience, it shows up sooner or later.

tumblr.comUpholstered headboard with your own expression / vintagehome.tumblr.com

vintagehome.tumblr.comReuse & enjoy / vintagehome.tumblr.com

adayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.comBuild your own bed with recycling / adayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.com

husohem.seAn old iron bed always works – here in a bright colour / hus&hem.se

ikeafamily.comOr in metal grey with pastel / ikeafamily

google.comGreat design / google.com

justthedesign.comStylish in steel grey with elegant bed skirt / justthedesign.com

vtwonen.nlSuitable for romantic style / vtwonen.nl

laurejoliet.comSimple & uncomplicated / laurejoliet.com

philippestarck Cassina Volage bedOversized & elegant in white / google / philippestarck / Cassina

hogartotal.comNice combination / hogartotal.com

thestonecutter With integrated bedside tables / thestonecutter via Fancy

woodwoolstool.blogspotCharming homemade solution / woodwoolstool.blogspot

marzdesigns Very appealing / marzdesigns.com

molitli.nlPersonal style / molitli.nl

Take care / Marie

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Bed joy

Few things can make me as happy as a newly made ​​bed with clean & fine bedlinen. It’s certainly true height of luxury. I can’t get enough of stylish quilt covers, with a cabinet filled to the brim . Maybe it’s a small obsession. I have the same love for all kinds of textiles actually. I did give it a go a few times, when we moved, to get rid of some but I just couldn’t. I’m too soft-hearted in respect of those treasures. Well, there are worse things to worry about.
It’s a wonderful feeling to crawl into a freshly made bed. New clean sheets, puffed soft pillows, neat bedspread. Yes, it’s the height of happiness. It’s often the simple things in life that gives one, pure joy, right? So how about some inspiring images for the bedroom. Bed joy maybe 🙂


Coral blue & orange / 79 ideas


Beautiful blue tones / atelierrueverte


Simple & straightforward / BodieandFou


Burnt brown tones / Esprithome


Blue & white with plaid wallpaper / cush&nooks


Grey & blue / midsummerinterior via tumblr


White with green leaves / H&M


Appealing & unpretentious / mokkasin


Hotel feeling / 79ideas


Layer upon layer in floral pattern / homedesigning


Lovely quilt covers / sanna & sania

Graphic design in black & white / google.com


Cool colours for kids / H&M kids


A colourless & relaxing atmosphere / desiretoinspire


Two options in one bed / homedesigning

Take care / Marie

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Personal touch

I’m leaving Christmas to rest for a while even if it Lucia today back home. Instead, it will be about interiors in varying styles – no extremes – but a bit more about small differences or rather taste, actually. I’m not a daring person when it comes to home decor. I am, after all, a fairly ordinary woman & therefore choose the images that are common but appealing in different ways. You know by now that I’m rather beige & predictable in my taste. I like it in that way, you see!

A home is something we all have in common, where we create our own world … our own space, our way of life & living. Some like to have it as in a magazine, others want to find their own thing. Some build their homes from memories of their childhood. Again, some have no direction, but it gets as it gets, AND usually it becomes good … because it’s about lifestyle. In fact, there are no limitations, more than in our heads. We are taught or influenced by people we spend time with, newspapers we read or TV programs we watch. The older we get, the more often we end up in the style we ar grown up with. It’s like as we sometimes take after habits or behaviors after our parents, despite the fact that we said – I’ll never do this or that. It happens unconsciously, simply. The force of a habit is great.

Now, not that there’s something wrong with that, just a general observation. It’s precisely what makes things so interesting, right? The perfect, or the half-finished, or that which is in constant change. Or the odd or unusual or completely ordinary – the personal touch!

Different materials & colors mixed into a lovely expression / aprillaprill

isiljacob Old & new combined into a nice  style / isiljacob via Pinterest

By keeping things visible, a home becomes alive & cozy / alvhemmakleri

designnerd Ambitious with every little detail in place /  designnerd via pinterest

bellemaisonAttractive style for most, charmingly frayed & enjoyable / bellemaison via tumblr

Hard & cold surfaces & materials becomes welcoming with colour & vibrant details / Desiretoinspire

Postcards, tickets & others, gathered into a work of art / Pinterest.com

Cute small space with everything on display / aprilandaugust.tumblr

vogsesparisHallway with lots of personality / Vogsesparis

Well selected stuff to create something of your own / housetohome.co.uk

draumesideneCharming with a worn country style / Draumesidene

*temp*Big furniture, patterns, wall paper & comfort / Housetohome.uk

architectureandinterioresign Spacious with space for social activities /architectureandinterioresign

myscandinavianhomeCool mix & combination of furniture & accessories / myscandinavianhome

FacebookWonderful childhood memories / Facebook

Take care / Marie

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