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The other day we got some time to spare & took the opportunity to go & buy some beddings.

It might sound boring but I have longed for blue-striped duvets & now finally it is done.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, twin beds

Big & beautiful thick carpet for small children’s feet, sweet old fashioned cots, different bedspreads & bed linen. Not so special, you might think but I find that it’s cute composed. Maybe it has to do with an old dear childhood memory with siblings sleeping in the same room.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, grey & pink

I have discovered that I have a penchant for grey & pale pink. Ideally, in the bedroom for some reason but also on clothing – type sweaters, scarves & jackets. It is something that keeps coming at regular intervals. Right now, I’m in that phase.


Take care / Marie





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Bed textiles

Bed textiles could be compared to clothes – that an outfit is not complete until you add the accessories.  A bedroom with furniture works functionally but what creates the overall impression, which gives the room personality, style, atmosphere is after all,  textiles – colour, comfort, softness. Thus, bed textiles, curtains, carpets, cushions, bedspreads, blankets, etc. 

I know that I am generalising because we all have our views on what makes a home. But textiles is not about abundance. It’s more a nurturing invitation. Whether simple or more towards bohemian influence – it’s easy to customise bed textiles after each individual’s needs.

smh.com.auColourful & maximised / smh.com.au

kidsstuffworld.comWhite with colour / kidsstuffworld.com

planet-deco.frSimple Scandinavian design / planet-deco.fr

luvocracy.comGraphical  / luvocracy.com

crushculdesac.tumblr.comOriental bohemian style / crushculdesac.tumblr.com

countrystyle Lots of colour / countrystyle

bemz.seLight & cool / bemz.se

emmas_designbloggWhite with dark details / emmas_designblogg

livethemmaWhite & red / Livethemma.se

freedom.com.auNavy inspired / freedom.com.au

themarionhousebook.comPersonal mixed / themarionhousebook.com

cabinandcottage.blogspot.comWhite bed linen / cabinandcottage.blogspot.com

thedesignfiles.netAsian motif / thedesignfiles.net

79ideas White & grey /79ideas

nicety.livejournal.comPastel colours / nicety.livejournal.com

Take care / Marie

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