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White room

Neat place photographed from above in this white bright environment that is simply decorated but very appealing.

fashionlandscape / tumblr


Take care / Marie

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White sofa

We have been looking around for a new sofa to one of our rooms, connected to the living room where you can sit & read without interruption or work on small projects, etc. It proved out to be a sand coloured couch, small in size but fluffy & comfortable with a lot of pillows.

But I was looking for & preferred a white one, like this one maybe…it will have to wait for the next hunt, to the living room instead.

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Daily inspiration, natural

I like the simplicity of this image – and the styling. White & black is one of my things, as you know. Simple sofa with white cover & some white details, black stylish sofa table & some greenery, voila!


Take care / Marie

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