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Wall colours

Change with simple means it is said, AND it can truly be done, just by painting the walls, or paint a wall in two colors, as on this image.




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Wall colour, woodwork, table setting, tablecloths – just lovely,


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Daily inspiration, kitchen still-life

Dark grey wall colour to shimmery tile in black and grey. Especially neat with a built-in tiled shelf for beautiful everyday objects. Now, it is styling in this case but it’s a great solution with kitchen accessories that are within reach when necessary but also beautiful to use as display in between.

ouiouistudio.blogspot.nl/ ouiouistudio.blogspot.nl

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Daily inspiration, feature wall

Not a feature wall in that sense but a great background to the bed. As if it’s a bed frame, which gives the bed stability & the whole room good balance. With the floor lamp on the left high & the frames to the right that low, the whole set becomes more exciting. Additionally, it’s nice when not all the shelves behind the bed is overloaded with things, it would otherwise create a messy look. The colour choice on the wall & dark flooring gives the room a  masculine touch.

architizer.com/ architizer.com

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