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Daily inspiration, prolongation

I’m drawn to this kind of solution. (do you remember the one I posted the other day with the wall mounted cabinets). My darling claims that it’s not particularly practical to not see each other when you hang out. But it’s easy to turn to the person one is talking to or just move around  instead of sitting stiffly across from each other. (a conversation, to be continued, I guess).

fantasticfrank.se/ fantasticfrank.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, ladder

I like this picture because it is so simple in an environment that is white with lots of wood – which is always pleasing. And I like ladders as well, odd maybe but they are fine in themselves, but also nice to lean against a wall or use for small items or as clothes hanger.

atelierrueverte.blogspot.fr/ atelierrueverte.blogspot.fr

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, practical

A stylish bag or backpack rather, is not easy to find. I’m  not looking for the everyday use since I don’t have need of that. I would like to have one for short day trips but it must to look good, of course, otherwise it’s no point. Practical is important although not to bulky. What do you think about this one?

missionworkshop.com/ missionworkshop.com

Take care / Marie

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Woolly / 167

Hej dear friends,

Woolly time – it’s getting chilly & we are in the middle of the winter here in Sydney. It’s rather nice during the day but really cold at nights. We have filled up with blankets in all rooms plus extra on the couches. Warm socks is on & the heating element is running. Thick sweaters & scarves prepared on the hall bench, ready to be in use before leaving home…especially in the evenings. I have to dress in layers, early mornings on the Vespa to work. Although it’s windy & cold on the road, it’s not comparable to the chilly evenings right now.

So therefore, it’s very fitting with sheepskin in the couches & on the floor. Warming as well as stylish. We had loads of sheepskin that we left back home in Sweden. I couldn’t imagine that they would be useful over here. We used them in the sled in wintertime, when we pulled the kids to school or for grocery shopping or just for a walk. Very handy indeed! Anyway, with the cold & chilly weather in mind, I thought it to be suitable with a woollly theme today, right?

A very common sight right now / Cush & nook

Nice & warm with a sheepskin constantly lying at the foot end / Desdemventana

Fluffy seat / Bpteen

Grey or white does not matter, they fit everywhere / myscandinavianhome

Stylish on the floor / Notquitesnowwhite

Comfortable on stooly chairs/ Myscandinavianhome

Sheepskin in the swing / Automatism

Comfortable for your feet in the morning / Asheleyellis

Not just a pretty face, warming in the knee as well / Cez via Pinterest

Chair & floor / Rue magazine

Maybe not practical but stylish / Dior

Sweet with chubby tiny feet / RedmagUK

Decorative solution / Vanessadamask&Dentelle

Inviting / Weheartit

Another swing but this time in white / Fromscandinaviawithlove

Take care / Marie

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