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So I picked up a couple of my findings from a market for a couple of years ago. I have always been fond of trays – we have a whole bunch of what we believe is an adequate size for a coffee / tea cup and a sandwich, instead of plates. But in this case it is about smaller trays that are for smaller attractive object – whether they are edible or not.



Take care / Marie

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I can never get enough of serving trays. Large or small, does not matter. However, I have drastically reduced the number of trays & if I’m to buy one nowadays, it requires a some thought before. Some things are like that. It’s difficult to explain what it is with trays that are so special. They are practical of course. Easy to use, easy to carry to & from, plus that the small ones, are great to use as sandwich trays with a cup of tea on the side.

I have put away most of the big ones now. We use the small ones on daily basis. I like to put together small tea lights, candle holders & other nice stuff on a tray, to keep things together – as to not flow out & look messy. However, I can tell you that we are definitely not fond of breakfast trays in bed. No one can convince us that it’s nice or romantic. It’s just messy & has a tendency to leave behind a bunch of annoying crumbs.

fancy.comfancy.com / white tray in round pleasant style.

khlear.tumblr.comkhlear.tumblr.com / tray on stand in black & white.

ikea.selivethemma.se / wooden tray with a raised edges.

pinterest.compinterest.com / rustic wooden brown.

frk-elton.blogspot.nlfrk-elton.blogspot.nl / square with round decorative legs.

interiors-paradise.tumblr.cominteriors-paradise.tumblr.com / white & wonderful.

gravity-gravity.tumblr.comgravity-gravity.tumblr.com / flat silver tray.

tumblr.comtumblr.com / untreated wood.

hm.comhm.com / Brass

pinterest.compinterest.com / vintage, plastic & green.

mittvitahus.blogspot.committvitahus.blogspot.com / Black, simple with grip.

buildrepublic.tumblr.combuildrepublic.tumblr.com / round & functional.

marthastewart.commarthastewart.com / Silver tray with eggs, creme fraiche & caviar.

talopihkala.blogspot.nltalopihkala.blogspot.nl / popular style in black.

vosgesparis.comvosgesparis.com /classic bed tray with folding legs.

Take care / Marie





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Make way for the tray / 185

Hej there,

You know, it might sound a bit silly perhaps, but serving trays belongs to one of my (many) passions. Just like candle holders, glass, wall & mantel clocks & other accents to the home. And I have not even yet mentioned textiles of all kinds. I guess that we all have our favorites, things that we’re collecting & things that we always return to, over time, out of pure habit or great love. From time to time, I don’t seem to be able to make up my mind. I do occasionally fall for decorative, cute & overworked things. But on the other hand, I occasionally prefer it more rustic … to then again be attracted to the modern & simple style with basic colors & straight lines. I have a taste / style preference that does not change – that is the real me. But it seems like I’m attracted to the opposite or other sweet things that’s not really me. It might be the need to try a bit of everything, in order to know what you truly enjoy … so as not to get tired of what you like best, if that make sence? Or perhaps it’s the need to just get some variety.

Well, even if I change my mind now & then regarding style, my interest for the trays of all sorts, will remain. I believe 🙂

Simple tray with some lovely things that form a nice still life / Boligpluss

Round tray with silver & fresh white flowers / Folio bildbyra

Wonderful white wooden tray that fits everywhere / 79ideas

Monochrome collection / Design&form

Collection of favourite things on a tray for display / Seventeendoors

Yet a nice still life gathered on a black tray / Sonydsc

Wood, glass & metal – how nice can it get, huh? / Studiokarin

Lets add some styling too – glass, white & wood / Tinekhome

Slightly more rustic with the brick wall as background / Shelleymorris via Pinterest

White, white, white / Yellowbydesign

Black & white, always appealing / Whitevanilla via Pinterst

Beautiful styling in green & silver theme / Elhernandez

Beautiful tray indeed / Ellmania

A simple tray of natural materials is always nice & fits everywhere / 79ideas

Birchbark & white is an exciting combination / Magnusanesund

Take care / Marie

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