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Unique find

Summer, and lots of opportunities to wander around in all those small towns in the countryside, with summer-opened barns, shops & flee markets, for unique finds as a bargain hunter.

Credit: anotherstudio.dk
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Marrakesh, Morocco

there are countries that attracts the wanderlust, curiosity and the desire to see something new. Exciting Morocco with culture, architecture, food & interesting people – it inspires me right now.

http-//amongraf.ro/Djemaa El-fna

Take care / Marie

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So I picked up a couple of my findings from a market for a couple of years ago. I have always been fond of trays – we have a whole bunch of what we believe is an adequate size for a coffee / tea cup and a sandwich, instead of plates. But in this case it is about smaller trays that are for smaller attractive object – whether they are edible or not.



Take care / Marie

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