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There are lots of restaurants on our street, just around the corner.

One serves my favourite vegetarian pasta with  eggplants.

They also serve my darlings favourite gnocchi with Italian spicy sausages.

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Pasta dish

Prosciutto, tomato, olive, spaghetti – if you’re vegetarian, just replace prosciutto with eggplant instead.

Hearty & delicious!


Take care / Marie

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Pasta favourite

We have an Italian restaurant that’s for now has become something of a favourite (until the next pops up). It’s located in the Italian area, it’s large, noisy and constantly full – without any special attributes that adds something extra in the interior. It’s the food that attracts!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pasta

Pasta for lunch today where the food is cooked upon order & just the right portion size instead of a plate that is filled to the brim. It is more appetizing, I think.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pasta restaurant

I am always on the look for nice restaurants & coffee shops – more so than boutiques, actually. The attraction is the architecture, the decor, the menu, the food,aromas & atmosphere. It need not be expensive & exclusive either. A combination of all this makes a place interesting, nice & welcoming. Well selected staff does the trick too.


Take care / Marie

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