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My love for low long shelves along the wall is always there – here in combination with a personal eclectic style.



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Daily inspiration, consistent

It’s a consistent colour scheme with a tranquil base & some tangy bright splashes of colour that really inspires the mind & soul. It’s a refreshing room with colours that you don’t get tired of, but also are easy to change.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, all in one

It’s nice with a room where you can see & be close to everything – all in one, so to speak. This room is especially nice with white interior & plenty of natural light. With a lot of books, too, which adds to the glory.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, stairs

A bold colour, for someone like me who always easily get tired & would like to change. I never feel that way with base colours because it is easy to change the colour of the accessories instead. But I do like this – it’s refreshing with the blue choice – stairways to heaven 🙂

life1inmotion.tumblr.com/ life1inmotion.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Stylish solitaires

Here & there you see ladders standing, either casually or deliberately, in different environments … often without one notes them immediately. When you are scrolling through magazines, catalogues or other, you can many times find things that recurs, in one way or another. Either it’s a trendy thing or just props which works in the environment. Blogs work that way many times. Stylish appealing images shown on a popular blog, explodes soon within the blogosphere. You get to see those pictures almost everywhere. To that extent, that they almost become worn out. There is nothing wrong in it  of course, that’s how it works when we have great interest in something whether it’s in interior design, fashion, food, photography … or whatever it may be. (you notice how limited my interests are, right?)

Anyway, to get to the point, all of a sudden I found myself seeing  ladders everywhere. Used as a furniture to store things on – hang clothes, jewelry, textiles … or to use in the bathroom or just lean against the wall in the living room … or just as a solitaire or statement somewhere…even if it’s just to climb on. It makes a difference in the room, no matter what. Don’t you think so?


Within reach / designinspiration


Storage place / stylizimo


Great statement / desiretoinspire


styling / dezeen.com


Stylish fill to the room / elleinterior


A nice helper / hus&hem


Functional / jordicanosa


Nice to use as hanging device / meandalice.blogspot


Storage space / likainenparketti


Still-life with ladders / mechantdesign


White & grey / thingsilike


Splashes of white paint – right up to the steps / desdemyventana


A nice looking combination – wood & white / fromscandinaviawithlove


A simple solution with step support & bed support / pinterest.com


Pale earthy tones & a ladder ready for any possible need / micasa

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