Benches in various forms are invaluable. They fill up in a nice way, are functional & simple to use. I’m pretty fond of the bench as a furniture – both as a seating place as well as to store things on – very practical.  We have had benches in different rooms from time to time. Perfect in the hallway, kitchen, bedroom, basement … or outdoor. Nowadays, I use more upholstered stools in smaller sizes. Right now we have two in front of the couch, both for tired legs but also to use as extra space for the tea-tray or anything else that’s needed. A bench that has been around for quite a few years now, has had to move from the hall into the living room & have now ended up in the dining room. That’s what happens when you move a lot. What once functioned in a room work better in another – hopefully, that is.

I’m a bit nostalgic, I can’t throw away things, especially furniture that our children have grown up with & which they see as part of their childhood. With everything new, you get a home that looks like an exhibition. We ended up in that situation when we had our furniture in containers. We lived in a ready furnished place, for a longer period while we were looking for a house. Things around you becomes part of you without real economic value. It’s stuff that has sentimental value, things that can not be measured in money. As for example an old bench 🙂


Feminine with flowers / daisyincupcake


Strict & masculine – maybe / evalindh


Personal expression / paper-planehome.blogspot


In the shade / stylefiles

Treated & untreated furniture /


Appealing style / hus&hem


Fabric covered bench / hus&hem


Austerely & stylish / remodelista


Different seating surfaces / 79ideas


French style / annatruelsen


Nice mix / 79ideas


Only natural materials / happymundane

A nice little bench with rounded corners /

A simple wooden bench for the most necessary /


Low white bench to use for fancy things / lauraredford via Pinterest

Take care / Marie

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