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Christmas feeling

Christmas is approaching & many house & home are all already decorated with both Christmas trees, Christmas lights & all manner of Santa’s, sleighs & other stuff that goes with it.¬†
The streets in some areas have decorated with Christmas lights that boasts of visitors who wants to see these wonders. If I say abundance of lights, you might understand the hint. 
It’s first Sunday in advent – so a Christmas theme is a perfect start for the countdown ūüôā















Take care / Marie

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Wish list

Gifts are one of the things that belongs to Christmas. We learn to write wish lists to Santa Claus when we are small. Age has no importance whatsoever when it comes to Christmas gifts. It sparkles as much in the adults’ eyes as the little ones. It’s important with the content for some of us, but what creates the whole feeling are the packages themselves, wrapping paper, string, ribbon & all colours.¬†Speaking of wish lists, our guys still writes lists every year for Christmas. Maybe not so much for sending to Santa, but to maintain the tradition, the feeling & excitement. Perhaps also to ensure that a couple desires are met, who knows!

absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com.auSmall gifts in a paper bag / absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com.au

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smäm.seSpotted with spruce / smäm.se

Take care / Marie

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The closer we get

The closer we get the Christmas, the happier we become, at least I do. I think it’s something in the air… decorations everywhere, people are smiling, happiness – even if it’s a stressful at time, Christmas music etc.

I’ve picked together some pictures that appeals to me, with no specific¬†thought behind. Or no, actually with dining, activities & getting together in mind. I know that there has been a lot about Christmas on the blog of late.¬†But I really love this time of the year with all that this entails.¬†Maybe it’s the actual countdown.¬†Or is it possibly about the planning & the time – to arrange all the preparations & be ready at the last minute.¬†Possibly even the bit with having to wrap all gifts & come up with a rhyme to each one. Maybe it’s¬†just something inherited from childhood, a habit to wait & long for the time with near & dear ones.¬†It could possibly be about the atmosphere that Christmas creates.¬†Either way, it is much that affects, of course – no matter what, take care of your time¬†with those you love & enjoy the tranquility.

notosarah So right / notosarah

dustjacketA breath of fresh air on the skates / dustjacket

vintagerosegarden At home in the warmth, with beautiful things around / vintagerosegarden

greigedesignAround the table / greigedesign

slettvoll.noNordic Christmas atmosphere / slettvoll.no

IKEAWhite Christmas / IKEA

bymildred Rustic with fine details / bymildred

google.comInviting / google.com

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livethemma Table setting in a great atmosphere / livethemma

heartbeatoz jBeautiful styling / heartbeatoz

Greige designNice feeling of old times / greigedesign

Enjoy your time with family & friends / Marie

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