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Hot dogs

Hot dogs, it is a big deal at home. An absolute must when visiting. Varm korv (hot dogs)  can be bought everywhere in principle, but the taste & texture is different. Including obvious add-on that enhances the culinary experience.

madogbolig via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Super Acne

I Like Acne for their innovation & courage to stand out with their ideas & designs.

Not all to my taste of course, but it’s not the intention either. This look is simple with the shirt sticking out under the jumper, the bomber jacket, wide pants & patterned socks.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.39.48 pm


Take care / Marie

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Umbrella stand

Yes, umbrella stand, how easy are they to find, really.

Not many nice designed that looks good & works well for various umbrellas – in various sizes. They are often in old fashioned style & heavy or bulky – at least the ones I’ve found.

This one fits my taste in both shape & colour. Steady & pleasing!


Take care / Marie

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A visit to the cheese shop is always an experience.

Especially when the merchants knows what they’re talking about & can suggest different flavours – mixed with stories & anecdotes about production & specific regions & farms. Also, know how to prepare & what goes well together.


Take care / Marie

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Sometimes I eat more with the eyes than anything else.

How it tastes is of course important, but the way it looks, that it is appetising, is even more important – it starts there, with the serving.


Take care / Marie

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