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Daily inspiration, rug

It’s nice with open spaces so that the whole environment comes to its right. If you then can have carpets on display easily visible on durable wood floors, well, then, happiness is complete. Especially if it’s handmade fine carpets with nice colour & shape. Especially if it’s handmade fine carpets with nice colour & shape – well selected to fit on the surface & in the room.

estmagazine.com.au/ estmagazine.com.au

Take care / Marie

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Low storage solutions

I prefer freestanding storage solutions rather then the integrated. Those simple, flexible & movable benches preferably, because of the airy impression they give. They don’t take up space & aren’t clumsy either. The good thing is the surface you gain, for the nice things. (Including drawers or open shelfes for the flexibility). On the other hand, how flexible do you need to be … I mean, it’s not that I decorate or rearrange things every other week or so. It wouldn’t work with my way of being. It’s one thing to have a deep interest for things, another, to live & breath your passion. Which can be done in different ways, of course.

I’ve gone from actively breathing an interest, to a more pleasurable distance. May sound strange but I get my fair share through magazines, blogs, some exhibitions, shop visits, where I inevitably look more at the visual impression, decor, collections, shop windows, lighting, etc. than to shop, in real sense. (Well, I do manage to do some shopping, to be honest). Sometimes you eat with your eyes, which is a bit of my principle when I shop. I like to do window shopping – you know, to stroll around, stop here & there, check out news, new colors, certain pattern mix, a particular angle of a wall, floor material – things that  happens automatically. Whilst I don’t miss the actual purchase, when needed.

bobedre Low section that separates the kitchen & dining area / bobedre

bymildredClassic model / bymildred

vogsesparisWhite with wood top / vogsesparis

tumblr.comNeat reliable design / tumblr.com

cushandnooksSharp green eye catcher / cushandnooks

desiretoinspire Several low cabinets in a row / desiretoinspire

skandiumSuper stylish / skandium

scandiconceptStylish solution under the window & along the wall / scandiconcept

79ideasSimple & suitable in most environments / 79 ideas

remymeijers.nlIntegrated built in solution / remymeijers.nl

interiorsporn.tumblr.comLow solution that is practical inside & on top / interiorsporn.tumblr.com

miathesuperordinary.blogspotSimple solution on wheels / miathesuperordinary.blogspot

designattractorWall mounted solution / designattractor

pinterest.comLow & along the wall with space for all types of object / pinterest.com

wabisabiSolid sturdy bench with storage  & a piece of art / wabisabi

Take care / Marie

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