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Open up

Cool simple architecture with lots of glass & flexible surfaces inside & out. Easy to open up to extend the living space, get close to nature, sounds & balmy breezes – and lots of light.


Take care / Marie

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Small space / 211

Small space – relevant in many places but perhaps not in Australia. I believe that AU are amongst the countries, if not the top, when it comes to having the biggest living space in m² in the world. And why not, it’s a big continent, right? If there has to be a reason, that is! It’s rather difficult to furnish large surfaces, however, it requires smart solutions to decorate small spaces. Both functionally & appealing but also spacious, despite the limited space. It’s very much about how you want to live. What you want to be visible vs what you want to store. What you need daily vs what you use infrequently. But also what colors you use, and what combinations. Some colours reduce spaces while others can enhance & create a sense of light & airy areas. The same with textile choices in terms of colours & patterns but also structure & materials.

Now, it was not my intention to go into details … I try to always keep things more general & trust that the images does the work. Let’s hope they do that this time 🙂

Wedged between closets but fully usable surface that feels just right in size / 79ideas

Great deal in a small space but perfectly ok for right target / Cubby via Tumblr

Appealing with good order which is important when you have open shelves /Astrid  via Pinterest

Cell-like maybe, but it seems that all the functions are there / bungalow5

Small space with the use of height / Seventeendoors

Small but effective separate kitchen / brightbazaar

Stylish design with a lot of storage / livethemma

A clever corner part with doors that can be closed if necessary / planetdeco

Sometimes it’s good to be two to stay warm / dyingofcute via tumblr

Effective workplace / sfgirlbybay

Materials with contrasting color where the white comes after the dark, so it looks bigger / tumblr

Flexible design / frenchbydesign

Good enough for a laptop / Ikea

Take care / Marie

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