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Kerosene lantern

It’s not so common nowadays with kerosene lanterns but aren’t they just amazingly beautiful…in all its simplicity.

Credit: borastapeter
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Daily inspiration, lantern

I’ve been a collector of lanterns & had way too many for a while. It’s appealing to put them into groups with lit candles. They create such an atmosphere & great feeling, especially when it has darkened a bit in the evenings. They contribute to a high cosiness factor.

www.8mood/ http://www.8mood

Take care / Marie

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Warm decoration / 217

Daylight saving has made evenings brighter which of course is the point. However, our evenings are dark – all year round. Even in the summer, when it’s still slightly lighter than usual. In fact, it doesn’t matter, at least not  if you are a lover of light in all its forms. I mean candle light, in this case. Perfect to use all year around & suits all occasions. Stylish lanterns do enhance as well as simplifies … not to mention safety, which always is important. Hot admittedly but still reasonably safe for kids, or if you accidentally fall over them. Candles makes the world go around, right? It’s easy to create a nice & relaxing atmosphere with candle light since they certainly makes spaces more beautiful. Same with people, we are more to our advantage in the glow of candlelight.

I thought I’d follow up last post about candles with this one about lanterns. I can’t claim that I’m a collector of those but I have some which I have  grouped under a side table. I like the mix of polished metal, black steel & wood, in various sizes. – but most of all I like them with lit candles inside, so here towards the evening.

Simpler table setting & surrounding is preferred with a striking center pice like this / barabarakemp via Pinterest

Lanterns fits everywhere / conceptbyanna

Ref, frayed & old-style / expressen

Black, stylish & simple / mrsjones

Nice combination / pinterest.com

Everything in white – how about that / purplearea

Very beautiful / Sanctuary

Lanterns, candle light, rattan & greenery / stylizimo

Dusk with a beautiful view / tomvmorris

The first snow that falls – beautiful / ullamaijahanninen.n

Certainly not some lanterns but beautiful paper lanterns in all cases / Mokkasin

Nice pattern that becomes visible with candle light on / artpropelled via tumblr

Easy way to create a mood / browndresswithwhitedots

Light up in the window / Fancy

Nice image / sanctuary

 Oriental touch / homedesign&decorating

Take care / Marie

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