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An amazing photo of a stunning individual – red hair, freckles & green eyes – with intensity & feeling.

Is it the model or is it a photographer with the talent – or both!

500px iso via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Another green wall

It might seem that I am particularly fond of green – I am not. (if it’s not dark moss green) I’m just inspired by this colour right now. Posted an image recently of a hallway with a darker green colour. This image is exciting for the combination of several rooms in a row & the black wall contrasting.


Take care / Marie

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With socks

I remember the period when everyone would have socks in their shoes with heels. Not too pleasant memory but popular it was. I din’t think I could recover myself, but this is a combination that I think is exciting.


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It has long since been time to pick out a pair of sunglasses. The sun is extremely strong and dazzling – not good for the eyes at all. This image is just to reflect need – I am for the classic version, aviator glasses.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, autumn

This is a picture that I borrowed from a friend who lives in Sweden. She posted this image on FB a while ago, when she was on a walk in this beautiful autumn surroundings. Wonderful colours indeed. Hard to beat reality sometimes. Can you believe these colours?

IMG_4587/ Facebook.com

Take care / Marie

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