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Nice bedroom with black wall & dark beddings. But it’s the small gallery above the bed that I like. 

It is something that I have a special fondness for.

houzzoslo via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Not everyone likes posters in a row or evenly displayed.

It’s not that bad in the right place. It’s looks great & makes the staircase look like a gallery.

Dramatic with a black wall & an exciting entrance, upstairs.


Take care / Marie

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Daring colour choice is not exactly my niche. This combination is exciting with the black wall, black tiles that vary in nuances, dark brown cabinet door & strong pink besides.


Take care / Marie

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Another green wall

It might seem that I am particularly fond of green – I am not. (if it’s not dark moss green) I’m just inspired by this colour right now. Posted an image recently of a hallway with a darker green colour. This image is exciting for the combination of several rooms in a row & the black wall contrasting.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, patterns

Nice black and white styling, matched in pattern, colour and design.
Great composition in order to complement each other – which they do in an excellent way. The patterns dominate but still, the brown chair & the wooden box stands out just the right amount.


Take care / Marie

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