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Travelling times

The desire to discover the world, or parts of the world that may seem far away, is inspiring. Bath & beach holidays, mountain vacation, shopping, food, relaxation, hiking – there’s a lot to do & fantastic destinations to go to.¬†There are some countries that I like to return to just for the sake of the culture, language, food & surroundings, no matter the weather. The view of rooftops from the hotel room can be exciting enough at times, or cobblestone streets & facades.

Right now, I would love to travel with the Orient Express & experience the landscape from a train window. Sleeping in the train compartment & eat in the restaurang section. I think I’m influenced by the all episodes we’ve been watching the past months – Poirot & Miss Marple etc.

1 flickr.com:photos:ewitsoe. prague:flickr.com:photos:ewitsoe. prague:



furkl.com:damuls, Bregenz, Voralberg, Austria:furkl.com:damuls, Bregenz, Voralberg, Austria:

intothegreatunknown.tumblr.com:post:78141065097:gladiator-fields-tuscany-italyintothegreatunknown.tumblr.com:post:78141065097 / Tuscany, Italy



westvianorthsoutheast.tumblr.com. oreient expresswestvianorthsoutheast.tumblr.com / Orient express sleep time

vintagerosegarden.tumblr.com. Orient expressvintagerosegarden.tumblr.com / Orient express meal time


lndnwlkr.tumblr.com princes street, Edinburgh, Scotlandlndnwlkr.tumblr.com princes street, Edinburgh, Scotland

tumblr.comtumblr.com / breakfast view


Take care / Marie

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Hotel mood / 160

Hej friends,

Hotel – just to taste the word, it creates a feeling of happiness inside because it’s mostly associated with holiday, long nice days, relaxing atmosphere, time together with loved ones.¬†But also connected with hard work, long days, late nights, early mornings, meetings, deadlines¬†etc. Almost each word has a positive meaning but can be turned into something¬†that’s less positive, which depends on each persons experience, attitude & mood & situation. It has to do with peoples¬†approach¬†to¬†life, how we look at things, what we have gone through & our different perspective, I assume. And rightly so, of course.¬†As we also carry around a backpack of occurrences, meetings, upbringing, experiences etc. Not¬†to¬†forget our own personality which we have to work with, some more & some less. I believe it’s called development.

But to return to the topic hotel rooms,¬†I’ve focussed mostly on bedrooms¬†for natural reasons.¬†And it’s not real hotel rooms, it’s actually bedrooms with a hotel – feeling.¬†Something you can do at home while or when you are in a hotel mood:)

I guess you expected anything other than an image of a bed…/ Designedforlife

Light grey tones in an otherwise pared down & harmonius room / Skonahem

Beautiful & stylish, nothing that disturbs the mind / Skonahem

 Simple & elegant with a wallpaper that amplifies / Plaza

Room for two furnished with colour & style / Letmebeinspired

White & simple with the suitcases ready / Letmeinspired

/ Thefancy.com

/ Pinterest.com

/ Letmebeinspired

/ Weheartit.com

/ Skonahem

 / Skonahem

/ Thefancy.com

/ Pinterest

 Take care / Marie

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