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Advent calendar

A small Advent calendar – different to the usual ones – that doesn’t take too much space.

And perhaps a little less commercial f you wish, with small things, caring words, simple poems or nice photos.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Advent calendar

Do you belong to those who likes to be creative, when it’s getting close to the festive season? It’s nice to try out simple things that can be done an evening together with the family. This is a cute idea. Especially when you sweetens the time to find suitable small gifts that can fit into each date, for each day until Christmas. I particularly like the chimney with the smoke!

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cookies

We were invited to a gathering with some parents & their teens last Sunday. I think that I’ve met some of them once before. The purpose were to agree about a destination, price & other details for our teens who’s in the same class. They are planning to share a holiday apartment, in either Byron bay or Surfers paradise, to celebrate graduation.

But the thing is that it’s very difficult to know what to bring to the host family, as a gift. It can’t be too much & excessively but not too little either. After some searching, we finally decided to buy a nice little box with different kinds of cookies. That’s something that is luxurious, I think! Sweet &  smelling, nicely wrapped, freshly made cookies. That is love, in all simplicity.


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Take care / Marie

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Christmas gifts

IICHRISTMAS – gifts, Christmas night, longing, joy & togetherness. Time together with my loved ones, no stress or any other demands – just tiiiiiiime. The joy of moments together – getting to sink into the comfort of your home, with the people you love. The TV or music is on in the background. The darkness that comes creeping towards the evening, lit candles, blankets & pillows & a long night of conversation & storytelling.

Christmas presents are of course a part of Christmas goodies, but not the most essential after all. It’s about being together, with time as a precious gift. To feel the joy in everything that’s great or small & above all – health. That’s my present to you – wishing you the best in health & love.

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