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Christmas feeling

Christmas is approaching & many house & home are all already decorated with both Christmas trees, Christmas lights & all manner of Santa’s, sleighs & other stuff that goes with it.¬†
The streets in some areas have decorated with Christmas lights that boasts of visitors who wants to see these wonders. If I say abundance of lights, you might understand the hint. 
It’s first Sunday in advent – so a Christmas theme is a perfect start for the countdown ūüôā















Take care / Marie

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So, finally it’s done – we got our¬†Christmas tree up & running. It’s such a process every time. Although I adore the Christmas period I feel a bit hesitant when it’s time to do something in my own home.¬†Come to think about it, I believe that I’ve difficulties to adjust to the summer-christmas, if you know what I mean. I feel a bit jealous when friends back home describes the icy, cold weather, all snow, traffic hassles in snow storms etc.¬†I’m aware that I possibly romanticise this because of the distance & my longing for home.¬†Or, maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older & with that comes the desire to be close to family & friends. Let’s not delve into that right now, anyway. Our Christmas tree, small & simple, is standing where it should now. That’s a fact ūüôā

annatruelsen Space enough for a small tree / annatruelsen

ilovethishome.tumblr.comYou don’t always need a tree / ilovethishome.tumblr.com

goodhomes.netA combination of trees & a tree / goodhomes.net

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villanagorlunda.blogspot.ruChristmas attributes that creates a homely feel / villanagorlunda.blogspot.ru

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ruralgirl.tumblr.comBlack & white / ruralgirl.tumblr.com

facebook.comThe traditional Christmas tree in Stockholm / facebook.com

rowenandwren.co.ukFake trees works well too / rowenandwren.co.uk

google imagesWhite Christmas / google images

emporio74.blogspot.chTraditional Swedish Christmas / emporio74.blogspot.ch

Take care / Marie

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Christmas cosiness

Christmas collection form the swedish We have some Christmas decorations at home, mostly in the kitchen & dining area. We are doing what we can to get into a christmassy spirit, despite the heat outside. It’s nice in the evening, when the darkness slowly falls. It gets pitch black outside which makes you feel switched off from the outside world. With the christmas tree, candle lights & the smell of gingerbread in the air, it feels as if Santa will knock on the door, anytime. I can’t ¬†say that we have stressed with any preparation at all. We have been busy with life, that rolls on, regardless. Jobs, schools, meetings & other everyday activities. Plus to bring order at home, after the move…nothing much really – ¬†some structure & things in order. So tonight, we have no plans, just a quiet evening with our boys¬†– on the couch with¬†tea, mulled wine, gingerbread, saffron buns & a Christmas movie … Christmas cosiness, simply.


Stylish with striped fabric / goodhousekeeping


Christmas collection from the Swedish fashion chain / H&M


Find your little corner / emmelines.blogspot

lantlivWith small & simple means / lantliv

stylizimo.comNice & simple on the coffee table / stylizimo.com

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purplearea.blogspotWonderful mix of textiles / purplearea

Take care of your loved ones / Marie

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It takes two

Yesterday, I arrived home late after a long day at work, around half past ten p.m & I¬†was¬†too tired for anything other than something simple to eat & then just¬†fall into bed.¬†Now it was not quite as¬†I¬†had¬†imagened.¬†There were boxes everywhere, Christmas music sounded¬†& the Christmas tree was half¬†assembled¬†&¬†looked¬†more¬†like¬†a¬†straw¬†man.¬†My youngest walked around with his guitar & sang something totally different than the christmas music that was on &¬†my oldest son was practicing a new song that he had written.¬†For a second, I felt an urge to turn around & book a room somewhere, to avoid the misery.¬†I can these three gentlemen & I know how this usually ends.¬†AND so it became, too…again.

The Christmas tree that was half assembled, had already been decorated with eight hundred Christmas baubles.¬†Well, to make a loooong story short – all the empty boxes disappeared back to the attic, rubbish out in the bin, Christmas light & other decorations in place & a beautiful tree with a gold star at the top. AND we got a quiet & nice moment – even if it was in the middle of the night ¬†– with a hot cup of tea, sandwiches, lit candles & nice, peaceful¬†Christmas music in the background.¬†The funny thing is that we always end up in this chaos – it has become a tradition.¬†All because someone can not learn to plan for this occasion. Or learn from previous years.¬†It’s fortunate that love is strong & can survive almost anything.

Two of each / bellemaison via tumblr

Space for two / planetdeco

Two nicely made beds / inspiringinteriors

Study for two – & a cat / automatism

Space at the height / hus&hem

Times two / philippestarck

Head end of towards head end / artpixie via tumblr

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Under the umbrella / karinvriese via Pinterest

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Walking in the rain / storychica via fancy

Two classic chairs / etherealgold via tumblr

Timeless design / Immagini1959

Same but different / theblackworkshop

Take care / Marie

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