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Untreated wooden staircase, white painted sides and an enclosed room with white glass panels – classic and beautiful.



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Bedroom again

Not sure why I’m so attracted to bedrooms right now – perhaps because it’s a bit chilly at night & winter is around the corner. Appealing with different materials – white painted wooden floors, untreated wood floors, brick & white walls.


Take care / Marie

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Kitchen corner

A lot of marble, tile behind the cabinets with glass doors, exciting. And untreated wood on the cupboard doors at the bottom. Black and white in an inspiring mix.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, black beauties

Black beauties in matt black colour, simple in its design & with a narrow stripe, presented much like a bar waist with a part of untreated wood visible.


Take care / Marie

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Knock on wood

I often return to the material wood. All sorts of materials are naturally beautiful but I have my heart in the birch. Pine, ash, maple, oak – are all nice, by all means. It’s all about making sure that the different species of wood comes to their advantage in different environments. It is good to be careful not to mix without further reflection including colour selection. Since wood varies in different shades, this can create different colours in relation to the light during the day. Just take a look how living wood can look like & how incredibly beautiful it ages.

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Take care / Marie

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