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We have now moved outdoors & trying to spend mornings, late afternoons & evenings at the back  on the terrace as well as around & in the pool. At least as much free time anyway between a lot of work. The sun is warm & the free moments provides a lot of energy & much needed rest.



Take care / Marie

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Beautiful house

If you like nice photos (visual addict like I am) & inspiration regarding travel & lifestyle, I’d encourage you to visit theslowtraveler on instagram. This is one of the images that I fell for – it’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

theslowtraveller /

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Pool life

Pool life is common here where almost every other person has a pool at the back.

They look obviously different depending on when they were built, which pool shape that’s been selected, even what colour the water is, depending on the material in the basin – which makes a huge difference.

We chose a long time & changed us a number of times before we decided for the pool that is now used daily & almost around the clock.


Take care / Marie

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In the sun

I am an ordinary ordinary woman who is very much into traditions, the way I’ve

gotten used to – such as that, it should be cold, snow  freezing temperatures,

when celebrating Christmas. If I can’t get that, I might as well go to a resort

(which it is not necessary here in Sydney with all the hundreds of beaches around)

& celebrate in life in the sun.



Take care / Marie

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Sneakers, year-round shoes, nowadays suitable for all types of attire. Right now, the choice is very much towards white models. But I’m for black also, as you know. And beige, dark blue or maybe … and don’t worry if you wear a skirt, dress, jeans or sweatpants. Sneakers, depending of the style, suits any outfit – even when you want to be well dressed.











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