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Nice working environment

A few well-chosen features with correct accessories – & you have a nice working environment.



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Tech stuff

Well, stuff & stuff, it’s actually beautifully designed devices & accessories that makes life easier – interesting for those who’s living today’s life with the busyness & the desire to connect all the time. It makes me think sometimes about the need to constantly be connected & switched on. Connected or possibly disconnected? In the end, t’s really amazing what technology can do & does today to society & individuals.

I admire well designed items. For me, it’s about choosing which device that suits me based on simplicity, ease of use & aesthetics. Simple choice indeed, without mentioning a specific brand 🙂


designmilk via twitter.comdesignmilk via twitter.com

hukkster.hardpin.com hukkster.hardpin.com / cool speakers

fancy.com:ushkaphotographyfancy.com:ushkaphotography / Sony QX10 smartphone attachable lens-style camera

fancy.com:JoyKate.iOS controlled mini helicopeterfancy.com:JoyKate / iOS controlled mini helicopter




thesimplicityofwhite.tumblr.com:thesimplicityofwhite.tumblr.com / the old day’s but still going strong

squidoo.comsquidoo.com / Bose noise cancelling headphones


raluca via fancy.comraluca via fancy.com




Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, home office

A home office, is that necessary nowadays – yes, I guess so. It depends on how much you’re working from home & how often. This is a nice solution with brown stained wooden table & soft contemporary office chairs – with drawer units at each side. I like the contrast between the sturdy wooden planks, the chairs & the iMac.

minimaldesks.tumblr.com/ minimaldesks.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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