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Combined storage

I found this image on the website, myunfinishedhome, but it’s originally from Ikea’s website.

Nevertheless, I am very fond of combined heights when it comes to storage – where & when it works.

These chest of drawers are so stylish in design & works great along one wall & looks nice when they can be continued under a window.

It kind of frames the window & the solution looks functional as well.


Take care / Marie

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Gym rings

Gym rings as hangers for small quick things – a solution I find clever.

I might have posted this image previously but worth to inspire with again.



Take care / Marie

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Light bulbs

I found this image a long time ago on Pinterest & thought of it as a print on textiles – fabric by meter.

Bulbs can thus be really fancy & used for more than lighting.


Take care / Marie

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Coat rack

I know that it might sound a bit strange but I love hallways – it’s something that is not very common in Australia, comparing to Sweden – mainly due to the weather.

This is a small entrance hall with the idea of a wall mounted coat rack, in an old fashioned style. I like this type of coat hangers & they are usually very wobbly. To attach them to the wall is a good idea.



Take care / Marie

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Just an image with a nice solution for the handy creator. A simple idea that changes the room but also adds another dimension to everything white – exciting break.


Take care / Marie

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