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Classic blue

It’s always in the small details, isn’t it. A white shelf, stacked porcelain, beautiful in classic blue & white, and the cups that’s hanging on hooks below. 


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Stylish, with patterned wallpaper, brass hooks with matching green back piece. It can be  simple sometimes 👍



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Useful tools that are beautiful in themselves to hang on hooks, as decoration on the wall …irresistible. 




Take care / Marie

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Call me silly or strange but hooks are an underestimated as decor possibility in general. I thought I should put together some images to visualise looks & variations, in different areas of the home. It is simple to either make some yourself or find things that you can reuse for this purpose. Or buy expensive designer items that will last a lifetime. Or cheaper with a classic look & in great durable material. Also, as you know already, so easy to make changes that are simple, to vitalise the area. Put up a wallpaper, paint the wall behind, use colourful hooks or just colour match.

I like the idea to use hooks for everything or whatever. Hallway, kids room, kitchen, bathroom, office space , in the garden, the bedroom etc.


scandinaviandeko.comscandinaviandeko.com / with a beautiful wall paper behind.

theinteriorsaddict.comtheinteriorsaddict.com / white & wood

sfgirlbybay.comsfgirlbybay.com / reposition-able hooks, when necessary.

thisispaper.comthisispaper.com / designed beauties.

desiretoinspire desiretoinspire / good use for all scarfs.

vivaterra via fancy.comvivaterra via fancy.com / natural material

keltainentalorannalla.blogspot.comkeltainentalorannalla.blogspot.com / nice & sweet solution

turbulences-deco.frturbulences-deco.fr / for easy reach.

luxspace.tumblr.comluxspace.tumblr.com / simple classic hooks.

hellobee.comhellobee.com / colourful dots.

homesandantiqueshomesandantiques / romantic vintage

the-brick-house.comthe-brick-house.com / colour matching.

fancy.to:rm:399663444883673453fancy.to / pivotable

luxspace.tumblr.comluxspace.tumblr.com / steady for heavier things.

offwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.comoffwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.com / decorative

sanna&sania sanna&sania / old fashioned style in bright colour.

Take care / Marie

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