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Daily inspiration, feature wall

Not a feature wall in that sense but a great background to the bed. As if it’s a bed frame, which gives the bed stability & the whole room good balance. With the floor lamp on the left high & the frames to the right that low, the whole set becomes more exciting. Additionally, it’s nice when not all the shelves behind the bed is overloaded with things, it would otherwise create a messy look. The colour choice on the wall & dark flooring gives the room a  masculine touch.

architizer.com/ architizer.com

Take care / Marie 

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Daily inspiration, methodically

I like straight lines & structure, it appeals to my sense of order. It is neat with small pictures & stickers that are organised methodically – as in this corner. A collection of dear things & memories that forms a nice little feature wall.

carolinebriel/ carolinebriel

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, gallery wall

I fell for this picture today.

I think it’s because I always am on the look out for pictures with inspiring wall solutions. On the whole, I think it’s interesting & exciting with photos, pictures, posters & anything else that can be framed or just be put up on a wall. The last year or the years it has become more common with different solutions instead of the standard three frames in a row on the wall. Personal expressions, fun & different thinking around composition, frames around a corner & so on. 

This solution requires less colours in the room to allow the wall do the job. Which it certainly does!

worldofbea.com/ worldofbea.com

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Blackboards / 143

Hej dear friends,

It’s a little funny sometimes how some things in everyday life, are there without us devoting any particular thought of it. Then suddenly it becomes topical for whatever reason & a lot of pictures start circulate in all media…with one or other variant thereof. This is not about celebrities, I don’t have any interest or knowledge about that part of life. No, this is something as ordinary as blackboards. Lots of images circulates on blogs & image-banks as well as in magazines. And of course in shop windows & boutiques, a little bit here & there. And here’s what I’m after… that it’s incredible that something as common as black boards can come to look so nice, smart & stylish in the hands of creative people. Nothing strange with that, it just never stops to amaze me. This, how we look at things in different ways & all the solutions that’s different from each individual’s perspective. It’s a great idea to use chalkboard in the kids rooms. To write, draw, colorise & wipe off to start all over again…it brings out a creative sense that is important for their development. Especially when it’s a large area & not a small paper. Here’s some solutions – for all ages:)

Styling with a huge blackboard as background / Anthropology

Perfect place for creative small people / Pergo

Big impact with the black wall & the checkered floor. Striking, with the text on the blackboard, don’t you think? / Chic&Deco

Clever to use the front door for messages, where no one in the family can miss it. / Examiner

Globes are one of the stuff I really like & when in black, well what can I say / Tumblr.com

A small slate board is practical as well as handy to have around / Stylizimo

Might not look so practical but it’s rather appealing to be able to draw your own head board / Veneerdesigns

Sideboard in black with storage & with the nice text on the wall / PotteryBarnes

Nice solution, as a splash back to write recipes or use as a temporary shopping list, etc. And it looks really good. / Pinterest

 Industrial look with a great communications wall for the whole family to use / Designsensibility

Quite cute solution on a good level for kids / Google.com

 Make good use of your cabinet doors – stylish solution / Beanfield

 Another solution with a piece of furniture as a blackboard, in a decorative manner / Keltainen

Handy over the bench top – looks great to the white environment / Alvhem

Feature wall – clever, stylish & functional / Stylefiles

 Take care / Marie

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