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Daily inspiration, hand-woven

Hand-woven rug in 170x240cm which makes it perfect for any place in the home. It’s been my favourite size since ages. Both in hallways, bedrooms, kitchen, kids room, the patio, you name it.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white & wood

Returning to my fondness for white, light, crisp environments. White painted wooden floors, white walls, white furniture  & a touch of wood to soften the feel.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, for the sake of the carpet

There is nothing particularly remarkable about this place but I chose to post it just for the sake of the carpet. My favourite since quite a while back now!

living etc


Take care / Marie

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What would a home be without rugs or runners in any form. Whether they are in plastic, modern, oriental, country or made by rags in the traditional way. Rugs generally enhances the comfort in a home. Not just by keeping the cold away from the floor or dampen the noise but because it creates more life into the home environment. More colour, texture, warmth & joy. It’s nice when you use several of them in a row, layer upon layer or mixed with other unexpected patterns & textures. designfinds.tumblr.comdesignfinds.tumblr.com missdesignsaysmissdesignsays roomandserve trasmattorroomandserve  designmom.comdesignmom.com bloglovin.combloglovin.com thatkindofwoman.tumblr.comthatkindofwoman.tumblr.com fancy.comfancy.com doyoufancythisdoyoufancythis jonasingerstedtjonasingerstedt via bloglovin.com husohem.com hus&hem.se aftonbladet.seaftonbladet.se paradisetour-home.tumblr.comparadisetour-home.tumblr.com pinterest.compinterest.com Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Persian skills

Stunning Persian rug, or rather, runner – need I say more?


Take care / Marie

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