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Oriental dreams

I’m dreaming about oriental rugs – Kelim, Persian, Pakistani, Afghan, etc. The hand knotted rugs with specific oriental patterns & colours. It has to be authentic & genuine too. Why on earth would you bother, if not. Those with plastic back  & in synthetic material might look good nowadays but it’s the feeling of the pure material, the ancient craftsmanship, the origin & the history. That’s powerful! It’s always interesting & impressive with talent. Something to cherish when you realise that it’s not just any pattern but a solid foundation of ​​culture as well as storytelling, through a craft. Those aesthetically striking colour combinations that appeals & materials that last a lifetime, at least. Not to forget, how easy & smooth these rugs melt into any environment. They do fit almost everywhere. So yep, oriental is my thing right now.

I drove my son the other day to a place where he was to meet someone for a quick catch-up. We went for a walk after, on the main street & just stumbled over a big shop with fantastic handmade rugs, from all over the world. I could have stayed there for hours & just continued to listen to the shop owner’s extreme competence about these beautiful objects. Desirable & precious oriental rugs to dream about 🙂


Nice combination with the white sofa / studiokarin


Traditional & modern / lineklein


Sweet tea glasses / sanna & sania

studio karin

Soft & sound absorbing / studiokarin


Well mixed / seventeendoors


Colour & warmth / scandinaviandeko


So many choices / theselby


white, oriental, modern, contemporary / elramlahamla


Colour splash in a white environment / g.virbcdn.com


On the catwalk / Hermes


Holds together the entire room / thebeautifulsoup


Beautiful outdoor event / 2012flowercarpet@brussels


Mix & match / sanctuary


Boudoir feeling / apartmentlove


Completing the look / worldofbaths.co.uk

Take care / Marie

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