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Tiled in white straight through, built-in shelves that’s tiled as well – the whole feel creates a sense of restaurant cuisine. Black details helps to enhance the nice effect.

Credit: skonahem

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White sofa

A lovely white sofa, chubby and welcoming, combined with dark contrasts and a round coffee table to soften the impression. Simple and nice styling …




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White, wood, black in a nice rustic combination.




Take care / Marie

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Black, blacker, blackest

It’s time to post something in black because black is so refreshing, beautiful & inspiring. I prefer the crispy expression where black is an addition – without that it dampens the overall feeling. I find that it can become a bit too gloomily. But I guess that it’s about taste & preferences too. It need not always be dark & gloomy with black as a supplement, as an important part or as a whole. I like the black & white contrasts as in the first image from a Swedish bloggers home.

Don’t get too depressed by all black images now – it’s engaging, I promise!

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Take care / Marie

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