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Daily inspiration, two black ones

Things can look so extremely different depending on how you put them together. Here’s two images of two different kitchens in black but in different styles. Both very pleasant with one that’s elegant, exclusive & design conscious, while the other one is charming, creative & simple.





Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, black kitchen

A general stylish home with simple Scandinavian interior decorating. The kitchen has appealing in design with white walls, but the window itself does most of the work with its exciting placement.


Take care / Marie

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Black, blacker, blackest

It’s time to post something in black because black is so refreshing, beautiful & inspiring. I prefer the crispy expression where black is an addition – without that it dampens the overall feeling. I find that it can become a bit too gloomily. But I guess that it’s about taste & preferences too. It need not always be dark & gloomy with black as a supplement, as an important part or as a whole. I like the black & white contrasts as in the first image from a Swedish bloggers home.

Don’t get too depressed by all black images now – it’s engaging, I promise!

pinterest.comBlack white goods :) / pinterest.com

arkpad.com.brPure beauty / arkpad.com.br


estmagazine.com.auBlack creates stability / estmagazine.com.au

inside-homes.tumblr.comBlack behind, emphasises things / inside-homes.tumblr.com

miloandmitzoRough knitwear / miloandmitzo

livingETC Dark sleeping / livingETC

monsplace.tumblr.comCreative space / monsplace.tumblr.com

stylizimo Talented blogger / Nina Holst, stylizimo

archdaily.comFloating floor / archdaily.com

pinterest.comNecessary at times, unfortunately /  fancy.com

pinterest.com:paulinaarcklin:Industrial blackness / pinterest.com:paulinaarcklin

afasiaarq.blogspot.co.nzWhite with black feature walls / afasiaarq.blogspot.co.nz

quintessenceblog.comBathroom in black / quintessenceblog.com

franklyesoteric.tumblr.com/ franklyesoteric.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, glossy

Black, glossy & beautiful…


Take care / Marie

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