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Small residence

Small residence – open space but still anonymously with limited transparency.



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It seems that I have a penchant for backyards right now – there’s something about the hidden surfaces that attracts – sure it’s nice, isn’t it…



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A house with a grounded pigment that usually contains iron oxide, usually in clay, which varies from light yellow to brown or red, with doors & windows breaking off in light gray. And an adorable backyard with dark wood furniture – a hidden haven …



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Pool inspiration

One of the images we used as inspiration when we designed our backyard with pool & surrounding. 

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Garden dream

We have a few days off & should really get going with a lot of projects already underway – but not at all motivated. It’s fantastic weather, the sun is shining & it’s absolutely still & quiet at the back. This is an aptly image to describe the harmony at present.



Take care / Marie

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