Styling is a great way to put together items without having to think of functionality. I at least would like to see rooms or decor which appear to work in reality. Such as, not having a lamp that hangs too low, so you bump your head every time you are getting up from your sofa. Styling is totally different – you still have all usual rules with composition, depth, lines, etc. But functions have no meaning & your imagination is the limit, in that sense. It does not have to work in reality. It’s more about inspiration.

/mix & match.

/grey scales & wood.

/sweet, especially the side table in two levels.

/contrasting colours.

/black, white & wood.

/ styling for infants.

/black, wood & purple. Love the lamp.

/simple & eye-catching.


/drawer system that can be altered as required.

/modern bright & vintage.

/random selection of stuff.

/arrangement with matching red.

/green with wood & white.

/simplicity in its essence.


/dark, gloomy & dramatic.

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Styling

  1. Yes, they are really nice, cute & lovely. Fits in all areas of the home actually. It’s easy to find a lot of print on pillows now. Everything from faces,t o figures, landscapes & cities. Great!


  2. Love those people cushions on the kid’s bed. I’d even use one in my living room!


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