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Sunny nice days makes you happy & every time I promise myself to set some time off to just relax & enjoy the warmth & surroundings.


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Take care / Marie

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Well, it’s not summer here but I just arrived from a family holiday in Sweden – with an unusual steady summer weather. AND spring is just around the corner here in Sydney…

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Take care / Marie

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This autumn

Halfway through autumn & the weather has just been amazing. Sunny, warm & wonderfully nice. I have a free weekend, currently sitting outside on the patio & just enjoying the weather.  

(I got a cold yesterday afternoon, so there’s not much else to do than resting).

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Take care / Marie

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Pool, sea & relaxation is front of mind now, with a week off with the family.

Lazy days spent in the sun with late breakfasts, books, music … cold drinks but lots of coffee, too.

There may come a rain shower but it’s welcome in this heat.


Take care / Marie

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Bondi beach

One of the many, many beaches around the city to visit & enjoy.

The best of two worlds, with the sea & a 21, 9 meter pool – if you dare on a day like this.

Also, a third reason too, with all coffee shops, shopping & interesting people from all over the world.



Take care / Marie

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