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Do you consider this to be too matched, too much?

I kind of like it because it’s still informal, despite the blazer – maybe it’s the pants with wide legs & the scarf that makes it.

Or that it’s a turtleneck instead of blouse.


Take care / Marie

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Green x 2

Green colour with almost similar green shades in two different images.

A colour that I am a bit fond of but have only on sneakers, a scarf or alternatively a knitted jumper.

I’m so brave and a true innovator…




Take care / Marie

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Natural layers 

It’s certainly hot so layers is not to recommend here in Sydney. Summer starts officially today.  

But has nothing to do with taste or style so this is my inspiration today – white & beige & layers in classic timeless style. 

Take care / Marie 

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Short & wide

This lengths on trousers were called cropped trousers, once upon a time. These are more formal in style, which is enhanced by the short vest with a short-sleeved blouse underneath. I would prefer a thin belt to complete the look.




Take care / Marie

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Soft pink

Soft pink in pale shades looks nice when combined with each – especially if it’s simple with the addition of a nice little detail.


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