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Summer living

Dreamy summer residence on a pier with a house that is simply designed without frills, straightforward, in black wood with large open spaces – and a lovely dock to use as extra space for various activities.

Perfect summer living. 



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Daily inspiration, likeable

Wide floorboards, white stained floor, open spaces, beautiful rag rugs in an otherwise white & bright room – that’s my melody.

homedecorobsession.tumblr.com/ homedecorobsession.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Lofty places / 149

Hej dear friends,

My recent posts has been about houses & about brick in interiors so I thought a follow up with an entry about loft housing, which I believe would be a rather good matching. I can’t help thinking if there’s something hidden behind this need. Makes you wonder, given that most of what we do, we do unconsciously. I guess it’s about a longing for something of our own, an inherent need for many people. These feelings & needs are important to uphold, to look forward to, to dream about. But you have not wasted your time whether if what you’re looking forward is about to happen or not … as I see it … because these feelings held you warm, alive & inspired meanwhile. To feel is to live 🙂

So while I look forward to my own place, I’ll keep an eye out for nice places, dreaming & planning for what’s to come. Right? And you know what – it’s not necessary with a lofty place. These images are only for pure inspiration.

Open plan on the ground floor & the work space above / kinddesign

Nice white open space with birch on the second level, creating warmth / Ung-projekt

An environment that is similar to public spaces / Welcomehomehoney

Large windows, high ceilings, white & steel / Herdofblack

Glossy dark floor & a lot wooden details / Planetdeco

Almost like a dollhouse in height & wonderful with the dining space / Meandalice

A mini loft with dark flooring, dark walls & dark furnishings mixed with colourful parts /Pinterest

Wood, white & colourful plastic / Designdilemma

Romantic white interior/ Itseasytosayitsforthebest

A large wall with windows, mobile ladder & grey combined with wood / Thefancy

Very appealing with dark wood & lots of white / Weheartit

Another mini version in white / Apartmenttheraphy

White glossy surface at ground level & a lot of wood on the second level / Herdofblack

Matt white brick with wood & metal / Itchbitchy

An elongated layout used in an excellent manner with the dining table first & the lounge area further into / Room269

Bright floor, light walls & tile roof visible through the wood blocks / Ustegerimez

Take care / Marie

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