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Daily inspiration, loft living

I’m sure that you’ve seen this image before on various media. It’s a great interior on two levels, but still a small space, that looks large because of the layout & furniture placement. White floor & walls contributes, of course. With¬†the black feature wall that reaches to the ceiling, the room appears larger & more spacious. Very stylish & inspiring Scandinavian style.

husligheter.se/ husligheter.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, loft

An image from a charming loft in Amsterdam Рwith a personal mix of furniture of old & new. The cornice in black for the lighting holds together the whole, which makes it easier when the ceiling lights & other décor also are in black. Black & white with the addition of worn leather armchair, old wooden box, blue table & oriental rug Рit sure is nice, right? 

turbulences-deco.fr/ turbulences-deco.fr 

Take care / Marie 

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Lofty places / 149

Hej dear friends,

My recent posts has been about houses & about brick in interiors so I thought a follow up with an entry about loft housing, which I believe would be a rather good matching.¬†I can’t help thinking if there’s something hidden behind this need.¬†Makes you wonder, given that¬†most of what¬†we do, we do unconsciously.¬†I guess¬†it’s about a longing for something of our own, an inherent need for¬†many people.¬†These feelings &¬†needs are important to uphold, to look forward to, to dream about. But you have not wasted your time whether if what you’re looking forward¬†is about to happen or not … as I see it … because these feelings held you¬†warm, alive & inspired meanwhile. To feel is to live ūüôā

So while I¬†look forward to my¬†own place, I’ll¬†keep¬†an eye out for¬†nice places, dreaming & planning for what’s to come.¬†Right? And¬†you know what – it’s not necessary with a lofty place. These images are only for pure inspiration.

Open plan on the ground floor & the work space above / kinddesign

Nice white open space with birch on the second level, creating warmth / Ung-projekt

An environment that is similar to public spaces / Welcomehomehoney

Large windows, high ceilings, white & steel / Herdofblack

Glossy dark floor & a lot wooden details / Planetdeco

Almost like a dollhouse in height & wonderful with the dining space / Meandalice

A mini loft with dark flooring, dark walls & dark furnishings mixed with colourful parts /Pinterest

Wood, white & colourful plastic / Designdilemma

Romantic white interior/ Itseasytosayitsforthebest

A large wall with windows, mobile ladder & grey combined with wood / Thefancy

Very appealing with dark wood & lots of white / Weheartit

Another mini version in white / Apartmenttheraphy

White glossy surface at ground level & a lot of wood on the second level / Herdofblack

Matt white brick with wood & metal / Itchbitchy

An elongated layout used in an excellent manner with the dining table first & the lounge area further into / Room269

Bright floor, light walls & tile roof visible through the wood blocks / Ustegerimez

Take care / Marie

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