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Vine cooler

What would you say about a wine cooler – built into the wall or free-standing, with glass shelves & glass doors, glass cabinet model, with lighting.

This solution is gracious, almost like a work of art, don’t you think?


Take care / Marie

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Well-designed & thought through restaurant concepts is exciting – as much for the experience of the environment as the food itself.


Take care / Marie

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Ceiling lights

We still haven’t got ceiling lights installed since we moved into the house. Some things take time. Lighting is an essential part of the function & mood in a home. With the daylight that moves during the day, the lighting is something that affects unconsciously, if it is not right. General lighting, functional lighting as well as mood lighting. It’s getting brighter now with the spring that has just started but the problem persists in the evenings – so we will simply have to get started, right?
In addition, there are very very nice designed lamps on the market. Yes, it will take some time to agree with everyone involved!

keltainen via bloglovin.com keltainen via bloglovin.com


stylizimo via bloglovin.com stylizimo via bloglovin.com

thedesignwalker.tumblr.com thedesignwalker.tumblr.com


thedesignwalker.tumblr.com thedesignwalker.tumblr.com




bloglovin.com bloglovin.com


propertyfurniture.com propertyfurniture.com




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Daily inspiration, clear glass

I am sure that you’ve seen this kind of  lighting before, they seem to appear everywhere, especially in cafes & restaurants. I like this combination with these in clear glass – and the black checkered floor & dark wood furniture. Very nice indeed!

jamesrobertsonirvine.tumblr.com/ jamesrobertsonirvine.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, one line

I usually find that environments in glass, steel & very white to it, becomes quite impersonal & cold. Especially if the lighting in the home isn’t fully successful. In this case I fell for the part with the mirrors. Mirrors in different sizes & shapes in one line, with similar hanging device. It looks good!

sarahrichardsondesign.com/ sarahrichardsondesign.com

Take care / Marie

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