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South Kensington

A big part of traveling is the enrichment of experiencing places different as one usually experiences in their daily lives. Houses and buildings are of course an important part that tells their story through their architecture – whether it may be similar or very different.



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Burnt pastel colours that works well together & looks amazing. 



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Rooftops, something that is appealing & has always been. This is a great image with an aesthetically pleasing view.



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Many travel blogs have a fantastic range of exciting images from different countries, cities &  places to be inspired by. This picture with wonderful architecture is a delight.

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Take care / Marie

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… of time, weather & winds, (also exhausts unfortunately) but oh so beautiful. For some, a ruin or ready for demolition, for others a reminder of time & place. Architecture that contributes to today’s environment, such as a selection of beautiful things that helps to reconcile the city space. 

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Take care / Marie

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