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I am a great lover of carpets. Carpets have an important function in the home. Not only as a floor heater, but also to soften the impression, to bring in colour, pattern & home feeling. Rugs helps to reduce the noise level too. A room does not feel entirely finished or inhabited, until the carpet comes into place. Moreover, it keeps the room together – you get a base to start from. Ideal for children to play on or pets to lie on. Depending on the carpet’s appearance, it can become a decorative piece in the home. Equally useful on the wall such as the sofa. Or outside on the terrace. Coordinate or choose colours or pattern. Rugs, a must for the home.




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Pretentious perhaps / 213

I can’t make up my mind about skin / leather such as cowhide & the like. I don’t think that I’m fond of them – only to be used as a decoration in the home. The reason being that the animals need them more than we do. It might for some, sound a little pretentious but there are actually other options, in my opinion. I can’t say I mind others using them, it’s up to each one, of course. I understand the attraction as well as the aesthetics of it but still can’t bring myself to it fully. But so what, it’s not a big deal really.

Anyhow, it ‘s interesting how different it can look in different environments. As always, when you mix materials, colours & furniture in a good way. If you then use your creative side to bring on your own touch … well, then, just occupy the place & enjoy. No matter if it’s pretentious with cowhide or not!

Stylish combination / 79ideas

Elegant with well chosen objects / desiretoisnpire

Light, fresh & modern / thediversionproject

Cool mix of modern & rustic / avolli

Designed & simple / thevedahouse.com

Black & white with colour / desiretoinspire

Earthy tones with bright pop out colour  / honeyhouses

 Concrete, glass & leather / imageshack

Masculine feeling / sarahkaye.com

Interesting – in a baby room / singularesmagazine

Light floor to the black & white hide / thepursuitaesthetics

Inspired by  mountain cabins / google

Dramatically & graphically / blackbird

Soft nice colours / sweetthingblog

Take care / Marie

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