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Burning desire / 216

Time flies & Christmas is fast approaching, whether I like or not. AND it’s not that I don’t like Christmas, it’s actually my favorite holiday, no doubt.¬†I now live in a climate with summer & sunshine when it’s Christmas. Something I have great trouble to get used to. For my part, it should be freezing cold, with meter-high snow drifts along the roads, frost, ice & unwillingness to get out¬†from the warmth indoors. Then, & only then, can the Christmas be celebrated.¬†I know it can possibly sound strange or even silly to¬†feel that way, but many years of traditions make their mark.

Today we went to town to buy some little things, stroll around & just relax in the city rush & to enjoy ¬†the beautiful sunny weather. Christmas had arrived – all stores & malls were decorated to the top, as well as restaurants & cafes.¬†It’s strange to see all these decorations, all food & hear Christmas songs to then step out to lightly¬†summer¬†dressed people¬†in the heat. It makes the Christmas spirit a little paler, so to speak. Some might say that you are getting the best of both worlds … which of course in a sense is true, by all means. But still …

Let’s get in the mood with some candle light, the ideal attribute for a perfect Christmas.

Beautiful to look at as well as lovely scents / 3.bp.blogspot.com

Lots of lighted candles makes a world of difference / annatruelsen

A candle for each Sunday of Advent / 79ideas

Here a more modern version / livethemma

New design / mechantdesign

And good old fashioned / spaceforinspiration

Homey vintage feeling / spaceforinspiration

Moss, small clay pots & a tin tray / sweetpaul.typepdad.com

Candles in different size & all in white / Pinterest.com

Christmas preparations / wabisabi

Glittering combination with simple means / yvettepalarmo

Amounts of light creates a festive feeling / Stylemepretty

Beautiful bowls on a wonderful grey sideboard & nice accessories to enhance / tinywhitedaises

Black & white is always fresh / Stylizimo

Stylish collection of glass vases with candles / Pinterest

Take care / Marie

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